About Own Solar Colorado

We are small, collective group of local solar specialists here in the Front Range of Colorado with over 13+ years experience in the industry. 

The entire mission of OSC is to provide you with a different experience from start to finish when exploring solar for your home or business. We want to always provide free information about solar without requiring an appointment for a salesperson to come to your home first - then offer the best solar solution available in Colorado, which we have already extensively researched.

Based on years of feedback from solar customers in the market and what was important to them when choosing a solar provider (or what they wished they would have considered), we found that the factors below were most important:

  1. Local to Colorado

  2. Coverage & Warranties

  3. Competitive Price

  4. Quick Installation Process

  5. Great Overall Experience

After extensive research and consideration, we feel that we've partnered with the best solar installation company in Colorado that fit all of these needs. We've already done the industry research for you!

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What Else Do We Offer?

We're also continuing to partner with the best local home improvement businesses that relate to a solar project or any other home improvement needs. For example, many homeowners need a new roof installed before installing solar, so we've partnered with what we feel is one of the best roofing and restoration local contractors here in Colorado, as well.

We'll continue to add more partners for a variety of home improvement needs as time goes on. We like to make sure it's the best option available regarding a multitude of things.

Whatever your needs are, we can help. Homeowners or business owners!


So, How Do I Get Started With Solar?
How Does it Work?

Once you're done exploring and learning the basics here on our website and Facebook Page, if you wanted to see a customized design with a quote for your own home, we allow you to choose the way you want it delivered. This way, you've already explored the basics and all you technically need is a custom design and quote. And maybe some final, specific questions answered.

We give you options to choose how you want to discuss your custom solar option:

  • Phone Call

  • Screen Visit

  • House Call

We also give you the option of how you want to be contacted initially:

  • Phone Call

  • Screen Visit

  • Text Message

  • Email

Take the time to explore and read our Dig Deeper page, if you haven't already.

Once you feel like you're ready to take the next step and see exactly how solar will work for your home or business, visit our Design Your System page to get started!

We're glad you stopped by,